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Médiathèque Jules Verne de Gaillon

Baby driver

Baby driver

Auteur(s)Spencer, Jon (Artiste de spectacle) ;Beck (Artiste de spectacle) ;Danger Mouse (Artiste de spectacle) ;Focus (Artiste de spectacle) ;Golden Earring (Artiste de spectacle) ;Googie Rene (Artiste de spectacle) ;Holloway, Brenda (Artiste de spectacle) ;Kid Koala (Artiste de spectacle) ;Korner, Alexis (Artiste de spectacle) ;Mc Callum, David (Artiste de spectacle) ;Reeves, Martha (Artiste de spectacle) ;Richman, Jonathan (Artiste de spectacle) ;Sky Ferreira (Artiste de spectacle) ;Thomas, Carla T. Rex (Artiste de spectacle) ;White, Barry (Artiste de spectacle) ;Young Mc (Artiste de spectacle) ;Thomas, Carla (Artiste de spectacle) ;Blues Incorporated (Ens. instrumental) ;Blur (Ens. instrumental) ;Bob And Earl (Ens. instrumental) ;Commodores (Ens. instrumental) ;Detroit Emeralds (Ens. instrumental) ;Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (Ens. instrumental) ;Kashmere Stage Band (Ens. instrumental) ;Queen (Ens. instrumental) ;Sam And Dave (Ens. instrumental) ;Simon And Garfunkel (Ens. instrumental) ;The Beach Boys (Ens. instrumental) ;The Button Down Brass (Ens. instrumental) ;The Damned (Ens. instrumental) ;The Dave Brubeck Quartet (Ens. instrumental) ;The Modern Lovers (Ens. instrumental) ;The Vandellas (Ens. instrumental)

Titre(s)Baby driver [Enregistrement sonore] / Jon Spencer ; Jonathan Richman ; Googie Rene ; Carla T. Rex Thomas ; Beck ; Alexis Korner ; David Mc Callum ; Martha Reeves ; Brenda Holloway ; Focus ; Golden Earring ; Barry White ; Young Mc ; Sky Ferreira ; Kid Koala ; Danger Mouse ; Jon Spencer Blues Explosion ; Bob And Earl ; The Modern Lovers ; The Beach Boys ; Kashmere Stage Band ; The Dave Brubeck Quartet ; The Damned ; Commodores ; Detroit Emeralds ; Blues Incorporated ; The Vandellas ; The Button Down Brass ; Sam And Dave ; Blur ; Queen ; Simon And Garfunkel ; Carla Thomas.

Editeur(s)France : Sony music catalogue, 2017.

ContientBellbottoms. - Harlem shuffle / Bob And Earl. - Egyptian reggae. - Smokey joe's la la. - Let's go away for a while. - B-a-b-y / Carla Thomas. - Kashmere. - Unsquare dance. - Next heat neat. - Easy / Commodores. - Debora. - Debra. - Bongolia. - Baby let me take you (in my armes). - Early in the morning. - The edge. - Nowhere to run. - Tequila. - When something is wrong with my baby. - Every little bit hurts. - Intermission / Blur. - Hocus pocus. - Radar love. - Never, never gonna give ya up. - Know how. - Brighton rock. - Easy. - Baby driver. - 'was he slow?'. - Chase me (titre bonus).

Sujet(s)Musique de film [s.l.]


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